Who are we?

A bunch of adult delinquents both noobs and bittervets alike who enjoy gaming together.  Originating from the legendary the Eve-Online W-Space corp Lead Farmers and the Kill It With Fire alliance.


Recent Battle Reports

Half Baked

That’s gotta hurt!

For Great Justice

Picking Flowers




Lee Ann Reed on the Holey saga:

I laughed. I cried. It was much better than “Cats.” 10/10.


Im Nutz

Wow, just wow….

Matter of fact, Kill it with Fire was nearly responsible for causing me to leave game on a permanent basis with one of their tower raids in the recent past. 5 billion lost in 15 minutes can do that to someone.


Edith Bunker

“Do not trust any of these thugs with anything. They will plague on you like locusts in a cornfield. Zackgar is a smack talking lying thief along with his band of griefers. Do not allow any Lead Farmers into your corp.”



“I think most of yer members r psychopats, retarders,sex. deviants etc. just check history and think bout it. I’m not kiddin”